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What we learn from our experiences helps shape us as human beings. What we learn from the experiences of others can give us new insight and new perspectives. At this year’s conference speakers will share with you the lessons that they have learned in Software Testing, as well as how these lessons influence the way that we approach testing both now and in the future.

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Morten Hougaard (DK)

CEO and Principal Test Consultant
Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark
Morten Hougaard (DK)

Visionary Test Enthusiast, Professional Pessimist, Amateur Fly Fisher and fan of 'Dilbert' and 'The Dog' as well as 'Sudoku'ism'. Morten is the founder of PrettyGoodTesting(R) (2006) and CopenhagenContext (2013) and as a CEO and Principal Test Consultant at PrettyGoodTesting, Morten has more than 40 years of experience within testing and QA (since 1976) and has been involved in most major aspects of software and hardware testing and has taken the roles of test lead and test manager for more than 30 years (since 1983). Morten believe in challenging bad testing, "best practice" and status quo, in thinking differently and that "big is not (necessarily) beautiful". Morten is a life-time member of Association for Software Testing (AST) and is involved in a British, a Swedish two Danish SIGIST’s (Special Interest Group in Software Testing) and co-founder of the Copenhagen Based TestLab MeetUp Group (2012). Morten has two PrettyGoodDiploma's in both Rapid Software Testing (RST) and Rapid Software Testing (RST) for Managers (by Satisfice Inc. and DevelopSense). Morten is especially interested in context-driven testing, risk based testing, exploratory testing, test policies, test strategies, test process, testing in agile environments and test leadership.

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